Version Enhancement: Product Introduction Notification

March 19, 2015 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

With our newest version release, FurnishWEB now provides the capabilities to highlight product introductions by displaying a banner notification on the "Product Information Edit Screen". If products are indicated as "new" in the Data Feed or if they are manually set to "new" on the Product Information Edit Screen, the banner will be displayed and link to the new product listing. If you need more information about enabling this feature, please email: support@microdinc.com.

We are happy to help!

New Product Banner

New Product Edit

Other Updates with this Version:

  • Added Order Sales and Last Price to the Monthly Smart Sales Screen and Reports
  • Added USPS Tracking Option for Shipping
  • "On Hold" Dealers have been added to all selection lists for Staff and Sales Representatives
  • Added  a new setting to hide Sales Rep email information from dealers
  • Reworded Automated Order Emails

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Version Enhancement: Dealer and Sales Representative Multi-Permissions

March 04, 2015 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

We have updated the permssions for dealer and sales representatives to allow them to have multiple billing codes or territories.

[

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Version Enhancement: Sales totals for Dealers and Sales Representatives

February 22, 2015 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

The Dealer and Sales Representative dashboards have been updated to show Sales, Collections, and products for 24 months.

[

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Version Enhancement: Order and Invoice Lists to Show Collection

December 10, 2014 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

There is a new option under Adminstrator Settings to show Collection, Family or Class on the list screens for orders and invoices.  I have enabled and defaulted this to collection for all existing customers.  This was a regularly requested feature by users so they could quickly tell which products were on specific orders and invoices.

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Version Enhancement: Invoice Aging Reports

October 11, 2014 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

We have added an Invoice Aging Report to the available reports in FurnishWEB.  This report allows a Sales Representative or a dealer to view invoices that they have not yet paid in full.  This report groups by dealer and due date so you can easily determine which invoices need to be checked on for payment.  Sales Representatives can run it for their territory or by dealer and a dealer can run this for their account to see their current invoice status easily.

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MicroD Expands B2B Web Services for Manufacturers with FurnishWEB Acquisition

August 07, 2013 · By Barry Welch · No Comments

The addition of the cloud-based portal technology will provide unique opportunities for home furnishings manufacturers to comply with and service customer needs by improving access and reliability of product, inventory, and order information for retailers and reps.

[

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Shared Containers

July 01, 2013 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

Over the weekend we added the ability for Staff and Sales Reps to enter Shared Container orders.  These are often referred to as Shared Containers, Split Containers, or Partial Containers. They are an important part of Order taking for many companies so we hope this helps to expedite the order process even more.  The new option is available for admin users to enable Sales Reps and Staff for container orders under the settings section of FurnishWEB.

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Image URL Added to Price Sheet

April 15, 2013 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

The image URL has now been added to the Price Sheet Excel report in the reports section.  This option runs an Excel report with product, pricing and urls for a given manufacturer.  These are timed links ( good for 30 days from downloading) so the images will need to be downloaded to another computer or server for continued use, but will will enable you to quickly load product images into another application, slide show, or photo gallery.  Please do not hot link to the images in the image library.

To run this report go to the Reports Tab in FurnishWEB, Click on the Price Sheet option, select your filter options, then choose Excel as the report type.  The image url options will then be show to run small, medium, large, zoom, or original.

Price Sheet URL options

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New Printing Options

November 15, 2012 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

We have added a few new printing options to FurnishWEB.  


  • There is now a Print link from the product list which will run an inventory report for the current filtered and sorted list.
  • The Order Report now has options for Photos, No Photos, and Messages to print or not print.
  • Territory Codes now print on the order detail and product detail
  • New Active Inventory Report option added to Dashboard Quick Reports links
  • New Options to Hide Pricing on Product and Price Reports
  • Added Multi-Select to Product Class


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Bassett Mirror Writes More Orders with eCat and FurnishWEB

October 17, 2012 · By Jeff Roberson · No Comments

Bassett Mirror is using eCat and scanners to write more orders.  The eCat iPad application is powered automatically with product and image data feeds  from FurnishWEB.  FurnishWEB's iPad integration with eCat allows you to manage product information, inventory, and images for eCat and send orders direct to FurnishWEB for order status and processing for customers.

Click Here to read the Furniture Today Article


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